Progress on the CCC Short Film

I haven’t written about it, but I’ve made a lot of progress on the short film for my Wednesday night sci-fi game. The film itself is presented as an in-universe informational advertisement about the mission the characters are undertaking, with supporting graphics, voiceover narration, and a call to action. It’s bringing together green-screen footage, BlenderContinue reading “Progress on the CCC Short Film”

Movement on Motion Capture

I was sick for much of last week, and I’ve also been doing planning on a short film. But my Kinect finally arrived today, so I was ready to move forward with another project, based on the video below. The video is excellent and thorough, and the associated .blend file including prebuilt rigs was aContinue reading “Movement on Motion Capture”

Learning to Green Screen

I got three pieces of gear delivered today: A green screen An Emart background stand for the screen Two Supon L122T LEDs I continue to be amused by the English instructions that come with this gear. Example: So with that, I set out to discover whether I’m an incompetent person! The good news: I finallyContinue reading “Learning to Green Screen”

The floating monkey head

This is using Ian Hubert’s “brute force” motion tracking method. I didn’t pick any of the contrast points myself – I let Blender select everything via Detect Feature, then scrubbed data that didn’t make the cut. I didn’t use a gimbal for stabilization this time, but Resolve did a good job anyway. The one thingContinue reading “The floating monkey head”

Masks characters day 3

I’ve found two very useful tools for quickly creating characters: CharMorph, a Blender plugin similar to and partially derived from MB-Lab This hair-styling tutorial, which brought a host of useful tips and tricks to people like me, who didn’t properly know how to use all of Blender’s hair-management tools CharMorph is very clearly still betaContinue reading “Masks characters day 3”

Masks characters day 1

I found some preset hair on, and finally figured out how to navigate the Clothing Editor in VRoid Studio to find the more specific settings. The resulting render is found above. Things I learned: The preset hair has no rigging whatsoever, I need to BYOB (Bring Your Own Bones) if I do this again.Continue reading “Masks characters day 1”


I created a moving star field with particle systems. I learned, or re-learned, the following things: I needed a randomizer for my ColorRamp node, to give stars their unique colors. Particle Info nodes don’t work with Eevee, but Object Info nodes work just fine. On that note, I finally plugged my head into ColorRamp, becauseContinue reading “Starfield”

Animating VRoid Studio models in Blender

I wanted to import VRoid Studio avatars into Blender and animate them, but I didn’t have a source of motion capture data. However, the CMU mocap data set is freely available! I needed two other things: the BVH Retargeter plugin, and a custom JSON file to do the mapping. Here’s that JSON file, as aContinue reading “Animating VRoid Studio models in Blender”