I created a moving star field with particle systems. I learned, or re-learned, the following things:

  • I needed a randomizer for my ColorRamp node, to give stars their unique colors. Particle Info nodes don’t work with Eevee, but Object Info nodes work just fine.
  • On that note, I finally plugged my head into ColorRamp, because I finally had a use case for it. The main sequence of stars has a specific color range: OBAFGKM (blue, blue-white, white, yellow white, yellow, light orange, orange-red). So I used ColorRamp to map those onto my particles.
  • Reference images are fine, but actually importing them into Blender lets you use the color picker, which saves so much time

I wanted to try an additional experiment with the starfield: could I composite it onto a real scene and not have it look terrible? Well, I got the real scene at least.

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