Masks characters day 3

I’ve found two very useful tools for quickly creating characters:

  • CharMorph, a Blender plugin similar to and partially derived from MB-Lab
  • This hair-styling tutorial, which brought a host of useful tips and tricks to people like me, who didn’t properly know how to use all of Blender’s hair-management tools

CharMorph is very clearly still beta software. Despite that, the flow and features are already in great shape, and I’m very happy that it outputs Rigify for me. Being able to use the higher-level manipulation tools makes up for a limited library of stock poses, though CharMorph does come with some.

I’m still struggling with Clothweaver, but I’m pretty sure the fault is mine. Until then, every day is a beach episode for these characters.

I’m not doing a lot of work on proper hair-styling until I can dress these characters. I’m probably also not going to commit to CharMorph for full-time characters until a couple more releases – and right now I don’t feel qualified to supply patches back to the project, although I’d love to contribute back once I’m ready.

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