Local Photography

I’ve been busy with game design and other work, but it’s time to get back to this! So I’m following (and will recommend) Darious Britt’s fantastic video on learning filmmaking: I encourage anyone interested in film to check out his entire channel. I’ve already done actual short stuff with Blender and green-screen footage, so IContinue reading “Local Photography”

Starforged Promo post-release breakdown

This is mostly for me, but anyone interested in details of the video is welcome to come along with me! I’m not going to do a breakdown of “the good” or “the bad”, only lessons learned and what I’d intended vs. what was delivered. The video followed the overall outline I’d set for it. IContinue reading “Starforged Promo post-release breakdown”

Masks characters day 1

I found some preset hair on booth.pm, and finally figured out how to navigate the Clothing Editor in VRoid Studio to find the more specific settings. The resulting render is found above. Things I learned: The preset hair has no rigging whatsoever, I need to BYOB (Bring Your Own Bones) if I do this again.Continue reading “Masks characters day 1”


I created a moving star field with particle systems. I learned, or re-learned, the following things: I needed a randomizer for my ColorRamp node, to give stars their unique colors. Particle Info nodes don’t work with Eevee, but Object Info nodes work just fine. On that note, I finally plugged my head into ColorRamp, becauseContinue reading “Starfield”