Learning to Green Screen

I got three pieces of gear delivered today:

I continue to be amused by the English instructions that come with this gear. Example:

So with that, I set out to discover whether I’m an incompetent person!

The good news: I finally got my technique down using FiLMiC Pro. My audio gain was good, I used the remote to set everything up as my phone was sitting on the tripod, I manually set my focus and exposure, all that stuff.

The bad news: I have so much to learn about proper lighting. I think I have enough light, and now it’s time to get correct light. Specifically:

  • My face was way over-exposed. That’s the Aputure M9 shining at it front-on, with no diffusion. This was also casting a noticeable shadow on the green screen.
  • The green screen was under-lit, despite having the Supons pointed at it at 100%. I suspect this was just bad placement of the tripods, because I was working in a very physically constrained environment.
  • I spent some time fiddling with the color in both Resolve and Blender, and probably did myself no favors. Next time, I’ll go in with a reference look that I want to achieve, and try to tune color to match that, rather than just dinking around with dials.

Bonus! I’m working on an animation for a TTRPG that I’m playing. I just got started, but I feel good about the results.

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