Location filming during a pandemic

Given the current COVID-19 situation, travel to typically photogenic destinations for photography and video is unlikely. Plus, I don’t have either time or budget for such things. I need to shoot closer to home. So what are my options?

  • Atlas Obscura is a directory of “the world’s hidden wonders”. It’s got a searchable map of interesting locations near you (wherever you might be).
  • Google Earth isn’t curated in the same way, but it’s an easy way to get the lay of the land. You can find parks, peaks, lakes, and rivers in moments, then drill in to see photos from other people.
  • Airbnb isn’t free (the listings I saw were around $270 for one day), but it’s a good way to get yourself into a residential space that isn’t yours. Look for “Enhanced Clean” or “Booking Buffer” in the listing details, and bring along sanitization supplies just in case.
  • Flickr lets you explore photos in a nearby location, letting you know what other people found noteworthy enough to publish.

Photo by Mohammed Shaheen on Unsplash

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