Prepping footage for motion tracking

Ian Hubert is the mad god of Blender. He’s put out some excellent videos, but the series that speaks to me is his “virtual set” stuff, including this video:

“Whenever you’re shooting, try to make it an optimal situation”. He goes on to give advice on how to do this:

  • Try to keep the shot steady
  • Keep the aperture small
  • Make sure there’s stuff in the shot you can track

I’m still discovering all the stuff I need to capture good footage for motion tracking, but here’s where I’m at.

  1. Stand way the hell back from what you’re filming! If you can’t see the floor in the shot, step back until you can
  2. Capture on a gimbal for horizontal stability, and stabilize the footage in DaVinci Resolve as well
  3. The key to good tracking is color contrast, and you can tell Blender to only look for contrast in certain colors if that’s how your scene is set up
  4. You can color the footage in Resolve two ways: one for your final look, and another optimized for your motion tracking

I hope to get more into this once I’ve got my character and clothing work done, because it’s super exciting.

Photo by Dane Kelly on Unsplash

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